Mobile app design is much more than just about visual effects. It is about the relationship between the product and the user. While working on any project at The App Solutions, we primarily think about the end user and his impression of the product.

User interface and user experience design services help to create a product that will bring maximum comfort and benefit to the user. It is crucial for businesses of all sizes. After all, from a large company to startup user acquisition and retention are the key objectives.

To provide the best UX/UI design services we usually stick to the step by step roadmap

Step 1-Personas analysis

The ability to detect and eliminate all of the major misunderstandings between the customer and the developers.

Step 2-Target market and competitors analysis

Analysis of the market itself and the key players in it assists in finding insights to define positioning and find a place for our product in it.

Step 3-Studying the existing solutions

Sometimes, the perfect solution for UX/UI services located not in the competitive field, but in the contiguous areas. When we look at the problem comprehensively and do not set boundaries, it allows us to find solutions that are beneficial to stand out from competitors in the cluster.

Step 4-Prototyping

The development process is started with prototyping. It helps to describe the key workflow scenarios to make sure that we are creating a convenient and sustainable user experience which compliments the overall success of the application.

Step 5-Creating mockups

Then we proceed to create the actual design mockups of all the screens within the app that work as an instruction for developers. All mockups should receive confirmation from the client before they are provided to the developers for implementation.

Step 6-Usability testing

To evaluate the ergonomics of our products, we highly recommend using the data-driven design approach for all our products. It means that after the application is already launched, we collect and analyze information about user behavior in the application and improve our design according to this data. This step allows us to create a truly user-centric product.

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